Why God made musicians

Apostle André Pelser, 2017/10/29
Preached at a Sunday Morning service

Job 38:7 – When the foundations of the earth were laid the morning stars sang together! Creation took place when there was music! Jesus is the bright and morning star – Rev 22:16

Reasons why God made musicians

1. God’s power is released – music is a vehicle for anointing

2. Unity is created when we sing together

3. Worship – either God or Satan: Lucifer was in charge of music in heaven until pride was found in him and he rebelled against God and was cast out together with one third of all the angels that followed him

4. Spiritual force – music assumes the spirit of the one that plays or sings – put God in it and it will be like a guided missile to touch the hearts of people: Clara Butts the great opera singer came to John G Lake and said: ‘I hear there is a young girl in your church that receives music by the spirit?’ She came to a house meeting where this young girl attended. When the girl sang in tongues & interpreted it Clara Butts wept and said: ‘young girl you touch the realm I have tried to reach all my life but never got there!’

5. Anointed music lifts Jesus higher – it is not mere entertainment.

6. Phil Driscoll prophecy: I am calling you to worship Me, to praise Me, I’m looking for a people that will praise Me for as you begin there will come a flood of glory that will wash over you in waves of glory and you will say, ‘I never knew the power is so good, so real!’

7. Anointing takes over as you worship in spirit & truth – like waterfalls of God’s love causing great victories and deliverances & healing to take place

8. I Chronicles 25:1-7: Prophesy on instruments & sang: the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! It caused confusion in the enemy’s camp and God defeated them and brought victory to Israel

9. Col 3:16,17 – Every believer is a musician – make melody in your hearts!

Make up your mind: you cannot serve 2 Masters: either God or Satan. Sell out to God! Like Nola did when she was offered a secular record contract, like Phil Driscoll that played trumpet for Joe Cocker until Phil got saved, like David who dedicated his music to God and we are still quoting his Psalms today! When you are one with the spirit of God, God is released when you praise & worship Him.


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