Good success

Apostle André Pelser, 2017/06/04
Preached at a Sunday Evening service

A study in the life of Joshua reveals four certainties that helped him gain good success. (Joshua 1:1-9) God promised he would make his way prosperous and have good success.

1. He was sure of his commission

2. He was sure of his commands

3. He was sure about his church

4. He was sure about his choice

He was sure of his commission

1. Arise, go over this Jordan and divide the land

2. God is with you, be of good courage

3. Meditate in His Word, day & night

He was sure about his commands

1. Love the Lord, diligently obey Him, hold fast to him (v.22)

2. Complete what you set out to do. (Ch 11)

3. Conquer & occupy the land

He was sure about his church

1. Shiloh: the prince of peace: a meeting place (Ch 18)

2. A place where miracles happen (Ch 6) and prophecies are heard and fulfilled (Ch 21) Not one word of the Lord fails (Ch 23)

He was sure about his choice

1. He made a covenant to serve God (Ch 24:8) and renewed it at every milestone or memorial

2. He took his inheritance (Ch 8:16) and created opportunities for others (Ch 17)

3. His life influenced an entire nation to serve God (Ch 24)

By obeying God and meditating in His word till he knew what to do he made his way prosperous and had good success.

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