Monthly Archives: February 2016

The right season

The right season Fruit appear in the right season. God determined that there would be seasons in the earth: summer, autumn, winter & spring. Every season is necessary in the plan of God. Peaches & mangoes grow in summer to give energy but oranges and tangerines grow in winter when […]

Covenants, vows and promises

Covenants, vows and promises There are over 7 000 promises in the Bible. Many people made vows but God only established a few covenants with people. Here are some insights into these three dimensions of God’s dealings with humanity. 1. Promises There are promises of salvation, healing, deliverance, prosperity, protection and […]

Your vision dominates your life

Your vision dominates your life II Kings 6:8-23 / Hebrews 11:27 The results of a single heavenly vision helped Elisha to endure throughout his life. He was known as a man of God (v9) He warned the king of the enemy’s secret plans He saw a chariot of fire once […]

The mystery of godliness

The mystery of godlikeness is hard to understand because it is a mystery! Yet God chose apostles to reveal the mysteries of God to believers. Here are a few aspects of a mystery that can be revealed to those that believe: Mat 13:11 – Jesus spoke to people in parables […]

Stretching the borders of the supernatural

  We are standing on the verge of the greatest opportunity to see the power of God manifested in the earth because the world has no answers! Jesus is the answer for the world today! We have come to the Church of the Firstborn, to an innumerable company of angels […]